Want Something Done?

Pat Calder is not going to like this headline. 

That’s because the full saying goes like this: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

Pat, a photographer-author-SOTH Member and volunteerbeing a very busy person, was recruited by the 2017 Festival organizers to do yet another thing: visit Northumberland area businesses, seeking prizes on behalf of the Festival.

She was successful, raising more than $600 in gift cards which became door prizes. But it took a lot of work. And though Pat was gracious, we knew better than to ask her again!

The second reason Pat won’t like this headline is because, just the other day, she was heard to say, quite firmly: “Nobody needs one more thing to do.”

So our apologies, Pat. But you do have a reputation for getting things done.

Blog Photo - SOTH Patricia Calder Story 2019 SPARK-Cat-Cover
Credit: Spark Photo Festival

Which is why she found herself taking part in the Spark Photo Festival in Peterborough, northeast of Toronto. 

Spark took place in Photography Month — April.  Pat’s images and those of other photographers were featured in 40 locations across the city.

Blog Photo - SOTH Patricia Calder photo of Black Bear

Blog Photo - SOTH patricia Calder Photo of whale

Blog Photo - SOTH Patricia Calder photo of brown bear

Blog Photo - SOTH Patricia Calder photo of Autumn Trees and River
Above 4 photos by Patricia Calder  – Use only with her written permission

Spark ended April 30th, but Pat’s own show continues till May 26 at the Monaghan Café, in Peterborough (open 7 am – 3 pm, 1017 Monaghan Rd.).

And that’s not all.

Pat is both chair of SOTH’s Membership committee and the coordinator of SOTH’s Photography Competition, part of the lead-up to the Festival of the Arts this October. 

The competition runs from April to August.  Winners will receive cash prizes and their photos will be displayed at the Festival.  


Unlike the Writing Competition — which is open to everyone everywhere — the Photography Competition is open only to residents of Northumberland County (east of Toronto) and nearby areas.

It’s a regional competition, but it requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Judges have to be selected, criteria for judging established. Our SOTH website has to be ready to receive submissions. The competition must be promoted widely. 

photo contest poster for web

Pat is a former teacher.  That’s just as well — she’ll be going into local schools to promote the competition to teachers and students. 

“We have to drum up enthusiasm for the competition,” Pat says. “I have a map of all high schools in the area, and some elementary schools too. I’ll visit most of the schools between May and June.”

She and other SOTH members are also dropping off the competition poster and postcards to local libraries, community centres and other places.

It means a very busy spring for this photographer-author whose primary artistic passion is capturing images of wildlife. Pat’s beautiful photography has been published in books, on websites including SOTH’s and this blog.

Blog Photo - SOTH Patricia Calder Horse and Foal
Patricia Calder Photo

“I’ve been photographing seriously since 2007,” she says.  “I started with horses. I moved on to birds — I love birds. But I love animals in general — anything that’s alive and moving.”

But even a busy woman with a reputation for getting things done knows when to call in reinforcements. 

“Someone else will be taking information to photography clubs in Northumberland and area,” she says.

And that’s when she said — speaking about herself — “Nobody needs one more thing to do.”


For more information on the competition: https://spiritofthehills.org/

To contact Pat: https://patriciacalder.ca/

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    Gorgeous photos, Pat!

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