Acting like Ducks

We’re like ducks right now: paddling furiously underwater, trying to remain calm above the surface.

It’s been a very busy time behind the scenes.  Artists from many different disciplines are working together in small groups and as a committee to create the Festival. 

That in itself is an achievement, since most artists work alone to create. This Festival is also taking place in Spirit of the Hills’ 20th anniversary year, making it even more special.

The mix of artists also produces something new and surprising. 

So while we can tell you to expect drama, music, rug-hooking, dance, books, paintings, poetry, photography and textile art on stage this October, we can’t  predict exactly what will happen. This is the time — in the last few months before the Festival — when our dreams start to take form.

The Festival runs from October 24 to 26, 2019 in the gorgeous and accessible communal spaces of magnificent St. Peter’s Church in Cobourg, Ontario.

Plan to come and share with us!

Meanwhile, please look out for our updates here.

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