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A Workshop for Hookers

RUG hookers, I mean!

What on earth were you thinking?

Seriously, though: Madeleine Thibault-Smith and Jessica Charnock get teased a lot by smart-asses like me, but they really are expert (rug) hookers, their work is fabulous, AND they agreed to run a special workshop at FOTA this October! 

Blog Photo - Jessica & Madeleine with Frames

Here they are, in the photo above, with the tools of the trade.

You’d be surprised at how much they’re doing to prepare for the workshop. In their words:

  • First, we created patterns for beginner hookers.
  • Then we made easy frames and prepared the background on linen pieces.
  • Next, we transferred patterns to linen.
  • We’ve sorted out enough hooks and wool fabric to hook a 5-inch square piece.
  • Now we are preparing a hand-out with lists of resources, and selecting our own work for display.

In other words, participants can expect to dive right in — with expert instruction, encouragement and supervision, of course!

Both Jessica and Madeleine have impressive portfolios of their work and have created magnificent pieces of their own.

Blog Photo - FOTA Jessica Hooked Rug with Inukshuk

Blog Photo - FOTA Jessica Hooked Rug Rabbit

The above are by Jessica.  Here are two from Madeleine:

Blog Photo - FOTA Madeleine Coat of Arms Rug

Blog Photo - FOTA Madeleine Dragon Rug

I’m sure the ones they’re sharing here were chosen to not intimidate newcomers to this textile art form. You will see some of their more complex pieces on display at the Festival.

Asked why they love this art form, Madeleine and Jessica replied:

“The creative opportunities it provides. The meditative opportunity it provides.

The fellowship of hooking with others in a group. And the possibility of offering projects as gifts.”

And what do they want Festival attendees to get out of the workshop?

“The enjoyment of learning a new craft. The satisfaction of trying something new.

Feeding the participants’ imagination. And a small concrete sample to take away.”

To register for this workshop:



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