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Creating Art One Square at a Time

By Judy Hopkins

I was first introduced to Spirit of the Hills about 11 years ago when Linda Greenwood approached me and asked if I would like to hang my work in a local restaurant in Warkworth.

Would I?  What an opportunity for a rookie painter!

Blog Photo - FOTA Judy Painting 1

Soon after, I joined Spirit of the Hills’ visual arts committee and have been there ever since. My involvement has provided me with countless opportunities to meet and work with other artists of all stripes – paint, photographic, fabric , stained glass, sculptural, prose, poetic, dramatic, dance…the list goes on.

As a newbie to the Northumberland Hills, I quickly made many new friends and that circle continues to grow.

Speaking of growing, the number of events that Spirit of the Hills provides for its members and the community also continues to grow!

The Visual Arts Committee (VAC) now rotates ongoing shows at 5 venues, holds annual juried shows and a booth at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival, offers work shops and is showcasing member work in the fast approaching Festival of the Arts at St. Peters Church in Cobourg, October 24 to 26.

Blog Photo - FOTA Judy's painting 2

The Square Foot Show invites all visual artists to hang up to 3 pieces and the Painters Prose and Poetry Event has painters on site creating a work inspired by piece of writing by a Spirit of the Hills writer. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Judy's painting 3

In November, visual artists will also show their work in a juried show at the Parrott Gallery in Belleville. This gorgeous space has mounted shows for us twice in the past. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Judy painting

Above  is yours truly up at the cottage in the dog days of summer getting ready for the Square Foot Show one square at a time!

Blog Photo - FOTA 2nd Poster 2019

To buy tickets for the Festival of the Arts:


The Above Paintings Are the Property of Judy Hopkins

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