A Woman in Love — With a County!

Reva Nelson, an author and facilitator who will lead a FOTA workshop on taking risks, discovered Northumberland County east of Toronto in the 1970’s when she went to visit a friend.  Reva had no idea that, decades later, she would move to Cobourg and fall in love with the whole county. 

In pictures and words, she explains how she fell in love.


When I moved to Cobourg over three years ago, it was because of the lake and its charm. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva image of lake and boats

I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.  I had never been to Port Hope, Warkworth, Grafton, Campbellford or the other small towns in the area. 

What discoveries awaited me! 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva at AGN

From the charming shops to the art galleries to the bakery treats, I found a slice of pie and heaven.

The first drive I took, returning from the Lilac Festival, I couldn’t believe the many hills and shades of green. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva Green field hills and pond

This felt more like a European countryside than my own neighbourhood. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva countryside and river

I was used to Hamilton, London and Toronto.  I knew Lake Huron, Muskoka and northern Ontario. I’ve been coast to coast to coast in our country, from Charlottetown to Saltspring Island to Iqaluit.  The fact that all this hilly beauty was surrounding Cobourg was a wonderful surprise. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva Barns and field

The other joy of living in this area is that it’s so easy to be in the country—only a few minutes away in any direction.  Yet, in town, I can easily see a sunrise or sunset. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva image of colourful sky

When the wind is high, and the waves are up, I can look at Lake Ontario and feel like I’m at the ocean. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva lake as ocean

The vistas from all over this county are a wonderful surprise each day that I never take for granted.


Reva Nelson, author of ‘Hippie Chick Abroad’, leads workshops and coaches individuals in presentation skills. To register for her FOTA workshop, “Positive Risk Taking”, on Saturday, October 26:



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