Taking Risk: A FOTA Workshop

“Positive Risk-taking for Positive Results” is the title of this FOTA workshop on October 26. 

Does this sound like there’s a guarantee? There isn’t! If taking a chance came with a guarantee, it wouldn’t be called a risk. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva - Taking Risk 1

However, in Reva Nelson’s workshop, there IS a guarantee of getting a new perspective on what a ‘risk enabler’ is and how a ‘risk inhibitor’ can actually help.  There will be new insights and some laughs too!

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva Nelson

Reva shared seminars and keynote speeches on this topic for over 20 years, with government, corporate and individual clients.  When she, herself, returned to the theatre, she realized that artists and actors needed some help understanding how to take positive risks too, and developed a course to help them move beyond self-limitations. 

Reva was not a born risk-taker; she says she was a “born chicken”.  Come to this workshop on risk-taking and find out how you can be even better at going beyond your comfort zone and expressing yourself more fully.  You might even learn how to get your son/daughter/partner off the couch to search out new experiences and adventures.

To Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/festival-of-the-arts-2019-tickets-66677208325

Bonus offer:  Everyone coming to this workshop will receive a free copy of Reva’s book, “Risk It!” 


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