Northumberland Hills: Alive with Music

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Yes, there’s an abundance of truly fabulous musical talent in Northumberland Hills, east of Toronto.  And on Saturday, October 26, the Festival of the Arts presents an unforgettable evening of music and the launch of the Hill Spirits IV Anthology.

Live and in person:

Blog Photo - FOTA Kim Doolittle2

Kim Doolittle: this outstanding blues singer-songwriter hails from Port Hope.

Blog Photo - FOTA San Murata Jazz Violinist

San Murata: the jazz violinist and long-time resident of Northumberland is famous for his paintings and music.  San will be accompanied by Howard Baer, bass, and Michael Monis, on guitar.

Blog Post - FOTA Arcadian Duo

The Arcadian Duo: this classical duo consists of Fred Cory (flute, recorder) and Deborah Henderson (violin, viola).

Marie-Lynn Hammond: one of Canada’s best-loved musicians, she will perform one song — a poem by Christopher Black from the Hill Spirits IV anthology, which he’s kindly agreed to let her set to music — an exciting example of “sharing across the arts”.  Marie-Lynn is also the producer of this event.

Blog Photo - FOTA marie-lynn-hammond2

As if that’s not enough, Shane Joseph, publisher of the Hill Spirits IV anthology, will kick things off, perhaps with a parody of the writing life (such as the wildly popular one he performed at FOTA in 2017), but he’s kept us guessing so far!

Blog Photo - FOTA shane Performs at St Benedicts dance

NOTA BENE: The ticket price of $25 includes a copy of Hill Spirits IV. At the first Festival, the auditorium was packed with a very happy audience! All to say: it’s a great deal and space is limited, so buy now.

Click here to buy tickets for this event. 

We are very thankful to Friends of Music for their kind support of the Festival of the Arts, which has made this event possible.

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