Thanks, Felicity and Susan!

Being in charge of the blog gives me a front-row view of all the work that’s being done to organize the upcoming Festival of the Arts.

I get to see and hear about the festival as the competitions and submissions wind down, the artists are booked, events take shape,  spaces are assigned, dignitaries invited, and a whole host of other plans become reality.

And so I applaud the hard-working FOTA committee and everyone who is contributing to this magnificent festival. 

Together, the committee thanks two individuals in particular for their leadership and very hard work.


One’s the chair of the multi-faceted Festival of the Arts.

The other chairs the whole kit and caboodle – Spirit of the Hills Arts Association.

And, in this big anniversary year (SOTH is now 20), Felicity Sidnell Reid and Susan Statham are working their tails off for the festival.

(“Working their tails off” is a Jamaican-born expression, as is Cynthia, the writer of this post. But … I hope you get my drift.)

Blog Photo - FOTA Felicity Sidnell Smiling Portrait
Felicity Sidnell Reid
Blog Photo - FOTA Susan Statham painting cover image for The Painter's Craft
Susan Statham

The Festival is a rich and glorious multi-arts event starring more than a hundred artists from various disciplines: dance, drama, music, painting, photography, sculpture, as well as mosaic, glass, clay and textile art, and poetry, prose and video. 

It’s a a massive undertaking. 

Artists themselves, Susan and Felicity have both taken a lot of time away from their art (Susan is a painter and author and Felicity is a poet, author and dramatist) to focus on organizing the Festival, coming up next week.  That’s in addition to their artistic roles at FOTA. 

We can’t even say “That’s why we pay you the big bucks”, since we pay them exactly $0! 

So, to Felicity and Susan, we say:

We know this is truly a labour of love.  

On behalf of the FOTA committee and Spirit of the Hills, and especially the many artists whose work will be showcased at FOTA next week,  we say:  THANK YOU. 



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