WOAW! Poetry Like Never Before

You’ve never seen anything like it!  Get ready for poetry performed in a whole new way at the Festival of the Arts.  

From legends to newcomers — poets performing their works in a variety of styles, including slam-poetry.

Large-screen video illustrate their words.

Choral performances fill the air.

It’s word magic.

It’s WOAW: Words On A Wire.

“When I realized that poetry could do more, it blew me away.” Dane Swan, Trillium Award finalist.

Blog Photo - FOTA Artist Dane Swan
Dane Swan

“New technologies have provided expanded possibilities for all the arts, including poetry.  Why not here in Northumberland County?” Wally Keeler, well-known Northumberland poet-provocateur.

Blog Photo - FOTA Wally
Wally Keeler

From Trillium Award finalist Dane Swan to Governor General Award nominee K.D Miller …

K. D. Miller

… Cobourg’s former and current poet laureates Ted Amsden and Jessica Outram…

Blog Photo - FOTA Ted Amsden Portrait
Ted Amsden
Blog Photo - FOTA Jessica Outram2
Jessica Outram

… and more. All are performing their poetry at the Festival of the Arts this week.

It’s a feast for the senses and a challenge to poetry as you’ve known it.

Blog Photo - FOTA SOTH Poets Practice Unsafe Text

From a free poetry workshop on Friday to Words On A Wire (WOAW) on Saturday – ticketed at only $10 — you’re in for a unique experience.

Words on a Wire is an afternoon of language magic. It comes to us from the past, the present and thoughts of the future, and it’s all performed by a diverse collection of poets.

Blog Photo - FOTA Katie H.
Katie Hoogendam
Blog Photo - FOTA Dane Swan
Blog Photo - FOTA Antoni di Nardo and book
Antony Di Nardo
Blog Photo - FOTA Anne Marie Burrus
Anne Marie Burrus

Words on a Wire is itself inspired by poetry and electricity, referencing both electrical wiring and Leonard Cohen’s lyrical ballad “Like a Bird on a Wire”. 

Image may contain: text

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/festival-of-the-arts-2019-tickets-66677208325

Blog Photo - FOTA Felicity Sidnell Smiling Portrait
Felicity Sidnell Reid

SOTH has a wide assortment of talented poets. They will soothe, tickle and challenge your sensibilities with their various voices.

Blog photo - FOTA Allan Briesmaster
Allan Briesmaster

Wait until you see what these poets can do with performed words and video!

At WOAW, poet-provocateur Wally Keeler  will present Textual Assault Placards, Vol 1., a video that was selected from more than 300 submitted  worldwide. It was one of 30 chosen for show at the Visible Verse Festival in Vancouver.

Another video will act as a segue  to Critical Mass, an arts collective in Port Hope that has produced amazing art experiences in the public domain. Their most recent event was Critical Massive Adventure in Memorial Park,  that included Ed Greenwood as the Wizard. Greenwood is the Canadian creator of Dungeons and Dragons. 

The poetry marathon  at WOAW concludes with an original incantation, from a choir of poets. It’s a piece that celebrates the poetic manifestations of individuals brought together within a structure of unity and sharing.

Come, catch our poets in workshop. 

Come, watch Words on a Wire take flight into the imagination of language.



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