Artists Ready for Their Big Debut!

The performers are ready for their premieres tonight at the Festival of the Arts in Cobourg and the audience is in for a treat!

4 ten-minute plays and 2 dance performances will be staged tonight and tomorrow at the Auditorium, 240 College Street (the back end St. Peter’s Church).

Blog Photo - FOTA Drama Rehearsal 2 (Park Bench)
Lasby Lowes and Tom Tordoff, in Love on a Park Bench

Christopher Black, who wrote Love on a Park Bench, describes his play this way:

“It can be seen simply as a light comedy about two old men who come into conflict over a woman. But more seriously, it is also about how conflict generally arises between people and nations, how irrational most conflicts are and, of course, the two men represent all of us hoping… that there is love out there somewhere, but often getting into trouble…”

Image may contain: 2 people
Brad Brackenridge and Lindsay Unterlander in Einstein’s Fridge

The curtain rises at 7:15 p.m. and some tickets are still available at Let’s Talk Books on King Street in Cobourg, or online at:

Blog Photo - FOTA Play Rehearsal

Reva Nelson and Piers Walker in Mouse

Marie-Lynn Hammond, writer-director of Mouse, says her play was inspired by someone she saw:  

The character of the teenaged punk, Vince, was inspired by a young woman I saw on the Toronto subway (I changed her to male for dramatic reasons). She wore black leather and sported many piercings; she glared at everyone and clearly wanted to come across as tough—mean, even. And yet there was one striking thing about her that suggested otherwise. I won’t give it away here, but it’s key to my play.”

Below is the lineup for both nights (Thursday October 24) and tomorrow, October 25):

LOVE ON A PARK BENCH – Christopher Black

MOUSE – Marie-Lynn Hammond

PLAN X – Katie Hoogendam



BELLY DANCING by Allison Townsend

FLAMENCO with Lesley and Michael Daly

Blog Photo - FOTA Allison Bellydancing with Pink shawl
Allison Townsend
Lesley  and Michael Daly



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  1. ronaldmackay says:

    A fine first night! Congratulations to all concerned.

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