What a Wonderful Festival!

Photos by Jeff Kitchen

Ever had one of those times when you took on a big project, and worked really hard and, as the event drew near, found yourself hoping and worrying almost in equal measure?

That’s usually because you’re taking risks and trying new things.

Blog Photo - FOTA Art Fair Exhibit - volunteers set up grids

That’s the way it was for the people organizing the Festival of the Arts 2019 — Spirit of the Hills’ biggest celebration of its 20th anniversary. We upped the ante in every area of the festival, prepared like crazy and …

… And guess what? It all turned out marvelously!

Blog Photo - FOTA Felicity meets LG outside 2019 Festival

From artists painting or hanging their pictures on Friday…

Blog Photo - FOTA Art Fair Exhibit

Blog Photo - FOTA Artist Painting 1

Blog Photo - FOTA Art Fair Exhibit2

To authors setting up their book fair tables… 

And everyone quickly standing at attention for the Lieutenant Governor’s visit…

Blog Photo - FOTA LG visits Book Fair

Blog Photo - FOTA LG views Objects at Artisan Anja's Booth

Blog Photo - FOTA LG Meets Stained Glass artist

Blog Photo - FOTA LG Tours Clay Art Booth with Felicity

And Her Honour’s visit with the actors before their performances that evening…

Blog Photo - FOTA LG Meets Artists - Drama.jpg

Then the cutting of the enormous anniversary cake…

Blog Photo - FOTA LG and Susan cut 20th anniversary Cake.jpg

A great mood was established by Friday evening.

It’s like when you’re expecting special guests for supper and you prepare the food and clean your house and arrange everything just-so.

Then you hang out with the guests and chat and laugh and celebrate….

Blog Photo - FOTA LG speaks at Reception 2 (nice)

Except that in this case, your guest of honour is the representative of the queen. The Hon Elizabeth Dowdeswell was absolutely lovely; her words about the importance of the arts and community were music to our ears.

And just as when you’re entertaining special guests at your home, you have to respect them and not burp loudly or do or say anything very untoward… 

Such surprises are usually reserved for the stage, or the books or images we artists create.

Now, all this was just on Friday afternoon. More to come soon!






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