Drama at FOTA

Four short plays enthralled audiences at the Festival of the Arts on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25 in Cobourg, Northumberland County.

Below, Love on a  Park Bench starred Lasby Lowes and Tom Tordoff. The actors also had the honour of performing the entire play for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario when she toured the festival.  As you can imagine, both gentleman were thrilled with the opportunity.

By the way, this was Lasby’s acting debut. 

Blog Photo - FOTA Drama Love on a Park Bench - Opening Night

Below, Einstein’s Fridge, a play about Albert Einstein, the famous scientist and infamous philanderer, presented the audience with a surprising twist. 

Thanks also to poet Wally Keeler, who – despite performing in various events in the Festival — recorded this and other acts at FOTA.  Thank you, Wally.

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  1. ronaldmackay says:

    Chris Black must be delighted to have had the Lieutenant-Governor have a private viewing of his play!
    Thanks for posting an excerpt from Einstein’s Fridge! Kate Story, Lindsay Unterlander and Brad Brackebnridge did a first class job!

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