Celebrating Poet Eric Winter

This Sunday, WORD ON THE HILLS will air a special show to  celebrate the life and works of Cobourg’s first Poet Laureate, Eric Winter.

The radio show airs at 1 p.m. on local radio 89.7 FM and is streamed at northumberland897.ca

Eric died in December 2019 at age 96 and is greatly missed.

WORD ON THE HILLS hosts Felicity Sidnell Reid, Gwynn Scheltema and Chris Cameron  have asked  three poets to talk about Eric. 

James Pickersgill, Eric’s long-time friend and colleague, and two of his followers in the post of Poet Laureate, Ted Amsden and Jessica Outram, will talk about Eric the poet and the man, his contributions to poetry in the community and the cultural life of Cobourg and read us some of his poems.

Please join them on Sunday at 1:00 pm. on 89.7 FM, or streamed at northumberland897.ca and archived at wordonthehills.com


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