Listen by Kim Aubrey

Photo by James Lee from Unsplash


The doe grazing at wood’s edge
gazes up as I slow down,
entranced by her calm eyes,
her jaw chewing, her refusal of fear,
the power in her gentleness.
The online teacher invites us to brush
air with palms and soles, to eschew
control’s illusion. The yogi advises
watching each thought, making space
for everything that comes.
More gentleness please.
More patience. More listening.
More lightness. More hands held out
to offer help and solace.
More allowing others to be.
Don’t let yourself be trampled.
Find the aikido move to spiral out
of harm’s way. Treat your opponent
with respect. Don’t kill anyone,
or carry a gun, whoever you might be.
Find power in stillness, silence. Listen
until it sounds in your body, in the flutter
of your heart, your persistent breath.
Listen until it speaks with none
but your own voice.  
Photo by Dingzeyu Li from Unsplash

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