Time for Creativity by Jessica Outram

Imagine you nurtured your creativity and everything changed.

When schools closed in March the rhythm of life changed. The world shifted from out there to inside the house. Now home was the container for every aspect of our days. The boundaries between working and living blurred. What made sense now in this new way of being?

“The best way out is always through.” Robert Frost

Like many I started with the essentials. Weekly grocery trips. Daily walks in my neighbourhood. Lots of work emails and online meetings. Online shopping. More deliveries. Curbside pick-up. Long phone calls with family and friends. Creativity, something that has always been at the centre, felt like an impossibility in the midst of all the change. I gave myself permission to nap instead of create. Sometimes we get lost.

One day I signed up for an online meditation class. I started a daily meditation practice. On walks, I listened to audiobooks and podcasts about mindfulness and creating a life of intention. I learned more about energy. Creative projects found me. I started singing lessons on Zoom, worked with a new company called Theatre InAbsentia (now with Northumberland Players) to direct scenes for an online version of ‘The Importance of Being Ernest,’ and finally wrote in the mornings again.

Every week I finished a couple paintings. Walks turned into poetic exercises in noticing metaphor. Home transformed into an expression of this rich inner self I had discovered. I painted my mailbox, planted a garden, added more light to the rooms. Soon the days were overfilled with art, poetry, and creativity spiraling through everything. What a blessing for this time to connect, to create, to find so much meaning in stillness!

We make the road by walking. Getting started can be as easy as going for a walk every day. To create is to bring something into existence. To create requires action. We begin by beginning.

It can start today.

Creativity is abundant. The more we use, the more we attract. If you are looking for a light out of the COVID-19 darkness, turn on your creativity. When we use creativity in one area of life it will transfer into other areas.

This year hasn’t been what we predicted. We are unsure of what will happen next week and next year. With plans on hold, sadness in our communities, isolation from loved ones, losses in jobs, and news stories beyond belief, we need our inner resources to see us through. It is possible to turn this into a time of grace, love, connection, and inspiration.


“One must dare to be happy.” Gertrude Stein

Have you lost your mojo? Do you need to light-up your creativity? This is where I want to help. Everyone needs their creativity now more than ever. We are preparing for a future we can’t see. We need to shift from surviving to thriving as a way to turn this into a time of possibility.

By paying attention to energy and choices, shifts can happen. We can rebuild. We can reconnect. We can create something new. Creativity Coaching Canada commits to help people grow creative abundance and prosperity. From free online workshops to specialized workshops to individual coaching, let’s create. Let’s do something. Play. Be curious again. Creativity is a tonic.

Check out my latest creative project at www.creativitycoaching.ca

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