Outdoor Activities During a Pandemic by Donna Wootton

Tai chi in the backyard overlooking Lake Ontario. What could be better than practicing on a private lawn? The invitation first came when I bumped into someone from the Monday and Thursday tai chi classes. We both confessed we missed doing tai chi and weren’t very disciplined about practicing on our own. There is energy doing tai chi with others. We are working on having others join in.

Swimming in my former neighbour’s backyard pool. Her pool is smack in the middle of her stunning backyard garden which has been featured in the ACO garden tour as was mine next door. Seeing the sun setting on the red bark of the tall pine trees in the ravine was nostalgic.

Cycling in Cobourg is very popular. Bicycle sales have gone through the roof everywhere. Here the roads and paths along the waterfront are mostly flat, so no need for too many gears. There is always an offshore breeze to cool a rider on these very hot days.

BBQ in a friend’s backyard. Now that I live in a condo, I cannot barbeque so appreciate any invitation to dinner. Since I live close, I could walk after drinking, a healthy choice. My friend got to show off her culinary skills but admitted she has Burnham Market make the cool gazpacho.

Kayaking is now my favourite outdoor activity. I signed on for classes at the Cobourg Canoe Club with three other women. We all love it. We get out on the water two nights a week and paddle around in the bay inside the breakwater. We enjoy the beautiful evenings and good company including the helpful staff.

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  1. Wow, good for you! I’m impressed. I think I lost three pounds just READING about all your activities. 🙂

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    1. dmwauthor says:

      And inspired I hope

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  2. Glenda Jackson says:

    Thank you for your note Donna. I thought about what outdoor activities COVID has prompted for me. The first one that came to mind was that this is the first summer since moving to Cobourg 13 years ago, that watering my flowers has become a mindful activity filled with gratitude instead of being a chore that needs to be done before rushing off to be somewhere else!

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    1. dmwauthor says:

      Gratitude for the small beautiful moments in life


  3. Irene Pike says:

    Good to hear from you Donna and to see that you are keeping extremely active.
    After showing your post to Richard, he’s decided that we should go ahead and buy a Kayak 😉
    Haven’t done that much cycling this season but am trying to walk more, especially down to the river to check on the salmon run.


    1. dmwauthor says:

      I look forward to going kayaking with you! Meanwhile we should walk together sometime.

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  4. You make me feel entirely like a slacker, a sloth and a slug, Donna, but what an uplifting post! And you look radiant, so all this activity clearly agrees with you.

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