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Thanksgiving Dinner, 2020 by Felicity Sidnell Reid

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
 Zooming in on steaming food
 set out on pretty plates,
 we eye each other’s offerings,
 recall advice from earlier years,
 “Watch out, your eyes are 
 bigger than your belly!"
 No problem this year 
 as we cannot reach to taste
 but only wonder at
 my daughter’s lentil bake 
 swaddled in a puffy  golden coat 
 surrounded by the last 
 green greens and red tomatoes 
 from her overflowing garden.
 My son shows us 
 his heaping bowl of rice
 studded with nuts and fruit
 bursting with multi-coloured
 vegetables and all admire it.
 I pay homage to their vegan
 principles with a plate
 of sweet potato curry, 
 rice and yet more salad. 
 We raise our glasses wishing
 each other Happy Thanksgiving, 
 grateful we can see and talk,
 even engage in similar
 if separate actions.
 Silently, we dream of next
 year, hoping we’ll share 
 the cooking and the food—
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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