Turning Down Social Media’s Volume by Mike Croucher

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev from Unsplash

During this pandemic, staying informed is vital to our health, but being obsessed with the news, whether about covid19, the gong show that is American politics, politics in general, or a world in chaos—as it has been for generations, and will likely stay in for decades to come—is really damaging to our sense of well-being.  

I backed off most of my social media accounts a couple of years back. Now I’ve reduced my Facebook time drastically. The issues people gnash their teeth over on Facebook are all critically important, and don’t get me wrong, I have strong opinions about them as well, but I will not be adding to the noise level.

I enjoy Facebook. It keeps me in touch with friends, other readers and writers, and with relatives in England. Those abilities alone are a huge plus. I enjoy the interesting articles, photographs and insights that people post, and I try to post the same in return. I’ve had people ask why I don’t express my opinions regarding the news. The answer is simple, even in retirement, and even during the pandemic- mostly shut in, I have a life to live. I don’t want to waste time in a digital schoolyard, bickering over opinions.

I’ll stay informed through limited daily exposure to network news and listening to the occasional podcast, Peter Mansbridge – The Bridge, for example. Other than that, my screen time on TV is mostly dedicated to shows I enjoy: Masterpiece Theatre, other drama shows, and hopefully, if they can get back to it safely, some hockey games. On my laptop, I’ll do research, write, and yes, check in on Facebook. But I won’t be making any noise.

Photo by Felipe Giacometti from Unsplash

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  1. kimaubrey says:

    Thanks for this good reminder, Mike!

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    1. mikecroucher says:

      Thanks for the pictures, Kim. They work well. The bridge is a perfect fit.

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  2. felicity936 says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful article, Mike.

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  3. ronaldmackay says:

    A very sensible approach, Mike! Thanks for your thoughts. Best wishes!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Interesting piece, Mike!

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  5. I agree, there are choices, but, sorry, I don’t think hockey is coming back anytime soon.

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    1. mikecroucher says:

      I live in hope, Donna.


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