Blame Me for This Pandemic! It Is All My Fault by René Schmidt

Photo by Skyler Smith from Unsplash

Seriously. I may have asked for this awful time. My wife, who understands these things better than I do, says I always get what I ask for. Once again she may be right.

Last year I looked up and saw the sky crisscrossed with a dozen contrails where jets had sucked in clean air and spewed out unburned fuel … so I wished for a reduction of needless jet travel.

A week later I parked beside a massive, clean and shiny overpowered pickup truck driven by a tiny woman buying groceries. That truck wasn’t bought to haul bricks or pull a drilling rig… So I wished people wouldn’t drive huge vehicles needlessly.

That night I took my wife to a fast food restaurant where people gorged themselves on deep- fried and sugary foods, (and yes, I ate some) and I wished we all would eat at home more and learn to cook healthy stuff.

A teacher friend complained her students didn’t appreciate school like the students in Africa she taught years ago…I found myself wishing school meant so much our kids would want to go.

So blame me. I got what I wanted, though in a way that says, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ 

There’s another thing I am wishing for: that people won’t trust sloppy, speculative, wrong, or hateful nonsense that can often be found on the Internet, nor believe the self-serving tweets of a certain ex-leader of the free world. I hope and pray that wish will come true.   

Years ago I included epidemics, pandemics and various health crises in my Canadian Disaster books. I spent months researching each story using multiple and reliable sources. I learned a lot. Someone asked recently if I was working on a sequel about this COVID19 pandemic. But honestly, right now I couldn’t. How do you get your head around almost 13,000 dead in Canada with the number still rising? How can you explain anti-mask protesters shouting in the streets or the anti-vaccine movement knitting plots and conspiracies about doctors trying to harm us? (And for the record, similar movements happened during our previous health crises, but I can’t explain that thinking.)

What I know is, except for some remote communities in the North, we in most of Canada have had an unprecedented 60-year stretch of robust healthiness compared to other countries. Thank God for vaccines, antibiotics and free health care! Thank God for Canadian governments, with all their flaws and failures, for supporting a pretty good health care system. It’s not perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than what it could be without dedicated leaders. These people have the nerve to tell us to stay at home and keep away from crowds and isolate and to celebrate Christmas in small numbers.  And I’m glad they have the courage to tell us, because friends, this isn’t over yet.

Photo by Daniel Schludi from Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Blame Me for This Pandemic! It Is All My Fault by René Schmidt”

  1. Democracies don’t fare as well as dictatorships do in pandemics. We don’t follow orders well and stop to ask “why” or “why not?” too often.


  2. Many of us wished for the same things, René, not realizing what would happen. It’s a reminder that great change often demands sacrifices that we are not prepared for. And yes, a little bit of freedom is a dangerous thing, which is why unlimited liberty has to be tempered by government. Good government. I enjoyed the fresh approach you took in this post and thank you for it.

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