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NFOTA celebrates the creative spirit of Northumberland.  We are awed by the abundance of local culture and are committed to sharing the stories and relationships that make our region unique. Through online events and the Northumberland Festival of the Arts, we bring together creators and art lovers of many backgrounds. We believe art should be accessible to all, creativity is unlimited and collaboration makes a community strong. 

Blog Photo - FOTA SOTH Writers booth

We’re the artists behind NFOTA –  Northumberland Festival of the Arts.

We live and work in the villages, hamlets and towns of Northumberland Hills east of Toronto, and in the surrounding regions. Many of us are also proud members of the Spirit of the Hills Arts Association and other arts groups in Ontario.

Blog Photo - FOTA Judy painting

Blog Photo - FOTA Dane Swan

Blog Photo - FOTA - Einstein's Fridge in Performance

Blog Photo - FOTA Ted Amsden Performing Poetry

Blog Photo - FOTA - Audience WOAW

We were honoured to have Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor open NFOTA 2019

Blog Photo - FOTA LG Tours Clay Art Booth with Felicity
Left: Hon Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, and Felicity Sidnell Reid, founding chair of the Northumberland Festival of the Arts, visit the Artisan Show and Art Fair

Blog Photo - FOTA Artist Painting 1

Blog Photo - FOTA LG Meets Stained Glass artist

The last Festival was such a fabulous success, we could hardly wait to create the next! But like many other live events, our Northumberland Festival of the Arts  2021  was cancelled. Yes, even idyllic-seeming rural areas, and quaint lakeside towns and villages like ours are affected by the realities and concerns that accompany COVID.

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva image of lake and boats

We are now creating online content while planning for fall 2022. 

*As soon as we have a date,  we’ll let you know.* 

In the meantime, you’ll find 3 things here: 

1: Creativity and Art from across Northumberland

First up: our Community Stories Project, in which members of the public share mini-stories about their lives and thoughts during these unusual times, as well as a series of interviews with local artists and art lovers.

2: News updates as we plan for the next live festival in fall 2022

3: A visual and literary record of the last Festival

Blog Photo - FOTA Patricia Calder - Fields and Farm in Autumn


Below are photos of some of the many artists who took part in the 2019 Northumberland Festival of the Arts:


Blog Photo - FOTA marie-lynn-hammond2

San Murata Jazz Violinist

Blog Photo - FOTA DavidNewland with guitar by PeterCroal

Above, clockwise: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Kim Doolittle, San Murata, David Newland



Blog Photo - Doors Open 2016 CR at Ebor House

Blog Photo - FOTA Michael Croucher Portrait

Above, clockwise: Jennifer Bogart, Gwynn Scheltema, Mike Croucher, Cynthia Reyes


Blog Photo - FOTA Susan Statham painting cover image for The Painter's Craft
Photo: Jessica Blaine Smith / http://jbsmithphotography.com

Above: Susan Statham, Jenni Burke


Blog Photo - FOTA Dane SwanBlog Photo - FOTA Ted Amsden Portrait


Above, clockwise:  Dane Swan, Ted Amsden, Kim Aubrey


Blog Photo - FOTA Katie H.Blog Photo - FOTA Ronald Mackay MCU

Above, left to right: Katie Hoogendam, Ronald  Mackay


Blog Photo - FOTA Allison and Toddler in Warkworth

Above, Allison Townsend


Blog Photo - FOTA Play Rehearsal
Reva Nelson, Piers Walker


Blog Photo - FOTA Anja Hertle SOTH Artisan
Artisan Anja Hertle

Putting more than a hundred artists together to plan, produce, promote and perform in a 3-day Festival of the Arts was a slightly risky business!  All are from very different disciplines, and many are used to working alone to create their art.

Blog Photo - FOTA Artisan Lorelyn-Morgan-5

Blog Photo - FOTA MLH masks3

But we created something absolutely fabulous! We hope you’ll discover this for yourself as you visit these pages.

Drama, music, dance, books, paintings, poetry, photography, clay, glass, mosaic and textile art all “shared the stage” at NFOTA, the Northumberland Festival of the Arts. See More

Come share with us through these pages! The Festival ran from October 24 to 26, 2019 in the gorgeous and accessible Great Hall, Hutton Lounge and other spaces of magnificent St. Peter’s Church in Cobourg, Ontario. 

Most events were by FREE Admission, with tickets for performance events running from $10 to 25    (In Cobourg, you could also purchase tickets at let’s Talk Books, on King St east of Division.)

We are enormously grateful to our sponsors and partners, to Spirit of the Hills Arts Association and to everyone who contributes in some way to making the Northumberland Festival of the Arts fabulous. 

To learn about Spirit of the Hills, click here. To learn more about our sponsors, click on the links below:

FOTA 2019 was Sponsored by:

Friends of Music


DiversiPro Inc.

Let’s Talk Books

Oriana Singers

89.7 FM

Lighthouse Books

Marlin Travel

St. Peter’s Cobourg

The Dutch Oven

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