Arts Workshops

SATURDAY OCTOBER 26, 2019  9:30 AM and 2 PM 

Small groups, small fee, big impact!

Take a 2 hour workshop with an acclaimed artist for only $25



 EXPLORING TRADITIONAL RUG HOOKING  9:30 AM: Jessica Charnock and Madeleine Thibault Smith lead a  hands-on workshop on the basic elements of this crafty art form.

Blog Photo - Jessica & Madeleine with Frames

THE HEART AND THE ART OF THE SONG  9:30 AM: with David Newland. Explore the craft of song-writing using personal or popular examples.

Blog Photo - FOTA David Newland

WRITING A MEMOIR  9:30 AM: Cynthia Reyes and Ronald Mackay will
offer examples and exercises to help you design your memoir. 

Cynthia Photo - Cynthia with children at ADL

Blog Photo - FOTA Ronald Mackay MCU

THE CAPTIVE MOMENT Ekphrastic writing inspired by the paintings of Alex Colville 9:30 AM:  with K.D. Miller



BEGINNER BELLYDANCE WORKSHOP  2 PM: with Allison Townsend – Learn some basic moves of belly dancing and a simple choreography.

Blog Photo - FOTA Allison leads Bellydance Workshop

POSITIVE RISK TAKING  2PM: with Reva Nelson –  Artists, actors, and anyone can learn how to step out of their comfort zone.

Blog Photo - FOTA Reva Nelson

SELF-PUBLISHING BASICS   2 PM: with Jennifer Bogart –  Learn how to self-publish fiction, memoir, or children’s literature, without breaking the bank.

Blog Photo - FOTA Jennifer B

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