Journal in Time of Pandemic and Lockdown

Photo by Edwin Hooper

It’s eight weeks since the WHO declared the Corona Virus outbreak a pandemic and countries started to take unprecedented measures to protect their citizens and prevent the spread of the virus. Since then most of us have been self-isolating and some have been quarantined on returning to Canada from abroad.

In an effort to maintain our connection within our writers’ group we have held two successful monthly meetings on Zoom. (Using the same platform we have kept Word on the Hills running and you can listen in to episodes we have made with every member of our group and others over the years. Indeed many of you can check out your own maturation as a writer by calling up a series of shows you’ve made with us.)

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

We are growing accustomed to a changed world. Will this experience influence how we live in the future?  Isolation has affected different people differently.  Some of us have taken to baking and making bread, others I know have developed a passion for cleaning and clearing out cupboards and drawers, and now my neighbours, and I’m sure yours, are all putting on their gardening gloves, furiously mowing the grass and generally tidying up the bit of the world they can control.

Most of us too have been inspired to write! This is reflected in the variety of writing that our members have already sent us to share on this Journal. Some people have been busily editing older work and making it shiny and new. So the Journal will provide a platform for you to share your thoughts and some of the work you have been doing in the past few months.

Photo by Engin Akyurt

In this time of societal distress, we shouldn’t forget that universal life events continue to impact us, whether birth or death, illness or recovery we will feel joy or sorrow and mourn or celebrate. All this will be part of what we write or don’t write as well.

Kim Aubrey and I are proud to have been invited by Cynthia Reyes to be administrators on the site for this project. We are already finding out how much work goes into setting up a group blog and sorting out the submissions we receive and can only marvel at Cynthia’s achievement in keeping the blog beautiful and interesting in the long run-up the to the 2019 festival. Many thanks, Cynthia!

We look forward to reading members’ submissions,


Photo by Jay Mantri