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What Remains by Cynthia Reyes

Photo by Nicolas Peyrol from unsplash The colours have come and gone You know the ones Revered in poems and short stories In blog posts and books The reds, the golds, the crimsons Deep pinks and oranges and apricots Dazzling us with their glamour Then falling in the cold winds of November Turning brown and… Continue reading What Remains by Cynthia Reyes


A Grandparent’s Wonder and Anxiety by Cynthia Reyes

I stare at my grandchild in wonder. Wonder at this little person who, at eleven months old, already has a personality of her own. She stands up from a sitting position, starts to wobble, but regains her balance. When she falls, she lifts herself up and stands again, beaming. Her mother and I applaud. “What… Continue reading A Grandparent’s Wonder and Anxiety by Cynthia Reyes