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Our Vision

NFOTA celebrates the creative spirit of Northumberland. We are awed by the abundance of unique artists, arts organizations and art lovers across our region.

NFOTA brings together actors and artisans, painters and photographers, classical and contemporary musicians, singers and dancers, writers and poets in a grand collaborative showcase over two weeks in September 2022.

We believe art should be accessible to all, creativity is unlimited and collaboration makes a community strong.  In venues across the region, we’ll be ready to entertain you, to give you opportunities to participate, to learn and to be inspired.

What to Expect

Showcase Concert

Drama Nights

Multimedia & Film Events

Readings & Pub Nights

Workshops & Demonstrations

Art & Artisan Shows

Book & Art Fairs

Studio Tours

Collaborative Public Art Projects

Photography & Writing Contests

How to get involved


Keeping ticket prices affordable means we depend on cash and in-kind contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses. Sponsorships can be negotiated to fit your needs and pocketbook. Contact us.


Many people are already working hard behind the scenes to make NFOTA 2022 happen, but any time you can spare is always appreciated. From just a few hours to an entire event, working from home or collaborating with others, tell us how you’d like to help. Contact us.


Are you an artist or representative of an arts organization who would like to be a part of NFOTA 2022? Let’s talk about how we could work together to make that happen. Contact us.