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An Ending and a Beginning

Photo by Kim Aubrey Last May when Felicity Sidnell Reid asked me to help run a blog for Spirit of the Hills writers to share their work and experiences during the pandemic, I hesitated. We’d been in lockdown for over a month and a half, and I’d developed an effective routine of online exercise classes,… Continue reading An Ending and a Beginning


Listen by Kim Aubrey

Photo by James Lee from Unsplash Listen The doe grazing at wood’s edge gazes up as I slow down, entranced by her calm eyes, her jaw chewing, her refusal of fear, the power in her gentleness.   The online teacher invites us to brush air with palms and soles, to eschew control’s illusion. The yogi… Continue reading Listen by Kim Aubrey


Poems from Gwynn Scheltema, Felicity Sidnell Reid, and Kim Aubrey

Sleeping Cat by Gwynn Scheltema a waterfall of sleeping cat spills from my lap his purr thrumming through my thigh up to my heart a comfortable heaviness this curl of cat rising and falling with each breath I take each low hum of purr a sleep song of heart harmonies   Photo by Daniel van… Continue reading Poems from Gwynn Scheltema, Felicity Sidnell Reid, and Kim Aubrey

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WOAW! Poetry Like Never Before

You've never seen anything like it!  Get ready for poetry performed in a whole new way at the Festival of the Arts.   From legends to newcomers -- poets performing their works in a variety of styles, including slam-poetry. Large-screen video illustrate their words. Choral performances fill the air. It's word magic. It's WOAW: Words On… Continue reading WOAW! Poetry Like Never Before