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What Remains by Cynthia Reyes

Photo by Nicolas Peyrol from unsplash The colours have come and gone You know the ones Revered in poems and short stories In blog posts and books The reds, the golds, the crimsons Deep pinks and oranges and apricots Dazzling us with their glamour Then falling in the cold winds of November Turning brown and… Continue reading What Remains by Cynthia Reyes


A Poem and Photos by Ted Amsden

Bird in Tree by Ted Amsden Twilight at Almost Full Moon Down by one of the elongated bays where the roadway slinks through a wetland, there is a viewing-fishing-passing-by area. You got some wire fencing, a sorta smooth asphalt path, a roadway with rotting guardrails and down in the water, a culvert you can paddle… Continue reading A Poem and Photos by Ted Amsden


Pandemic Trilogy by Marie-Lynn Hammond

Photo by Marie-Lynn Hammond I. Barely Noticed spring belatedly crept up on us we barely noticed   we hauled up all the drawbridges barricaded ourselves in against the pestilence   but it invaded by stealth and left us powerless as peasants   and while we counted potatoes and washed our hands over and over and… Continue reading Pandemic Trilogy by Marie-Lynn Hammond