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We want to hear from YOU!

Sharing experiences, ideas, stories and creativity are powerful ways to connect us during these challenging times and a fun way to grow our Northumberland community. NFOTA wants to share your responses through our social media channels.

So we invite you to help make this happen though our Community Chat -prompt series. We want to hear from you!  And we ask you to spread the word. Let’s get to know each other and help stay connected.


Each week we will offer a new prompt and invite you to respond. Nothing fancy or complicated, just a sentence or two, perhaps a photo or a mini-video. Tell us about something you have discovered, created, done, enjoyed, learned or experienced that tells part of your story of these times.

You can reply to any of the prompts listed below at any time and as often as you want to. We will share as many as we can.


  • I am inspired by….
  • I feel connected when….
  • I am moved by…
  • I find beauty in…
  • I find joy in…
  • I am frustrated by…
  • After COVID I hope…

Submit your responses below or respond directly on our social media posts.

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