Friends of Music returns to NFOTA!

“I hope that NFOTA will be a catalyst for greater appreciation and engagement from more people in the cultural life of the county.”

Marg Treloar, Friends of Music Treasurer
Rossina Grieco

What a pleasure to welcome back Friends of Music as a sponsor of NFOTA 2022.

At the 2019 festival, NFOTA was privileged to showcase outstanding local musical talent with the organization’s financial support. This year, Friends of Music is back at the festival sponsoring two events: the Ted Staunton and Friends’ jug band performance at NFOTA’s opening ceremony and an afternoon of Mozart and Chopin with Rossina Grieco.

Friends of Music (FOM) was established 47 years ago to foster and encourage interest in the arts and music in particular. Over the years, it has brought outstanding musical talent to Northumberland, from operatic contralto Maureen Forrester in earlier years to the Cheng2 Duo in 2016.

Marg Treloar, FOM’s Treasurer, says the organization is pleased to support NFOTA again. “I hope that NFOTA will be a catalyst for greater appreciation and engagement from more people in the cultural life of the county,” she says. “You don’t have to travel far to get high quality arts. The more people in the county are able to experience very high quality arts, less expensively and with less travel, the better.”

Marg Treloar

Marg describes the festival as “extraordinary. The breadth, range and quality of activities. The ideas that are being expressed. It brings together elements that you wouldn’t encounter elsewhere. You just don’t get exposed to those things every day.”

If the pace at which NFOTA’s Rossina Grieco concert sold out (shortly after tickets went on sale) is any indication, there’s a strong appetite for classical music in the county. Marg is excited about two events on which FOM is partnering with the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope next: The Buzz Brass Quintet on October 16 and the brother and sister Cheng2 Duo on November 13.

FOM is happy to bring the Chengs back to Northumberland. Since they performed in Northumberland in 2016, their careers took off and they are now seen as up-and-coming stars on the international music scene.

Cheng2 Duo

Friends of Music has been solidly behind NFOTA, contributing through sponsorship and the festival’s hard-working steering committee (FOM president Ken Morden is also a steering committee member).

Marg says “I hope it will help bring about a higher level of awareness of the great variety and quality of Northumberland’s cultural life, that this year’s festival will be well-received and that we’ll do it again!”

Friends of Music

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