Meet the Faces Behind NFOTA: Shane Joseph

Cobourg author Shane Joseph is NFOTA’s Chair of Communications.

Shane Joseph, Photo by Ken Solilo Photography

Who are you?

I am a writer and a publisher, living in Cobourg, Northumberland County. As a writer, I have 6 novels and 3 collections of short stories published to date, and countless articles, essays, book reviews, and stories published globally. My press, Blue Denim Press, has published over 30 titles of fiction and non-fiction in paperback and e-book formats since 2011.

Why do you believe in the Northumberland Festival of the Arts?

This is the one festival that has been able to unite the various arts groups in the county into a combined offering that will make an impact on the national stage.

 Any passions and talents you want to share?

I have been a jack of all trades and the master of some. During my 45-year working career, I have performed the following jobs: stage and radio actor, pop musician, encyclopedia salesman, lathe machine operator, airline executive, travel agency manager, vice president of a global financial services company, software services salesperson, publishing editor, project manager, small business owner, and management consultant. But what I like most is my present job as a writer/publisher which is what I was meant to be, but which I couldn’t have executed properly without playing those other roles before.

Your roots or groups – connections in the community?

I was born in Sri Lanka of Dutch Burgher ancestry, and lived briefly in Australia, then in the UAE, before immigrating to Canada 34 years ago. During my time in Canada, I spent 20 years in Toronto and 14 in Cobourg. I have travelled to 67 countries in my life. I consider myself a global citizen.

What does “art” mean to you?

Art is the final frontier of freedom and legacy left in this planet. We may lose at health, wealth, and politics, but let’s not lose our art.

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  1. Excellent Shane. Well said!

  2. What a career! I like the thought that all these jobs prepared you to be a writer and publisher, Shane.

  3. ronaldmackay says:

    Excellent responses and observations by Shane. This brief interview helps us all to get a broader picture of one of SOTH and NFOTA’s key supporters. Thank you Shane and Kim.

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