Northumberland Art Lovers: Jeff Keary

“I have a degree in Fine Arts and a degree in English, which might seem, and probably are, the perfect qualifications for doing something like this, and I really kicked myself that I hadn’t been doing this since I was twenty-five.”

Jeff Keary

Today Shane Joseph interviews Jeff Keary, owner and editor of Grapevine Magazine, about the origins of the magazine, the balance between content and advertising, and changes ahead for the magazine industry.

Welcome, Grapevine Magazine, as one of NFOTA’s Sponsors.

In this series we feature interviews and discussions with Individual Artists, Leaders of Arts Groups and Organizations, Civic Leaders, and other Arts Lovers in our county.

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“Because of Covid, we came up with the idea that we would have front covers that amalgamated three or four businesses, so that we could share the love, and also because we realized that possibly some of the businesses wouldn’t be getting the traffic they normally would.”

Jeff Keary

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Jeff Keary and Shane. It was interesting to learn about the growth of Grapevine, Jeff’s involvement as publisher and his thoughts on the balance between content and advertising in magazine publishing.
    Finally, I was caught by surprise when he mentioned Grapevine’s association with a friend of our family, artist Graham Metson! It really is a small world. I’m pleased to report that Graham and Cheryl are now about to start rebuilding after their house burned down last year.

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