Northumberland Art Lovers: Mayor Bob Sanderson

“If you don’t have arts and culture, you don’t really have a community.”–Mayor Bob Sanderson

Today NFOTA’s Donna Wootton speaks with Bob Sanderson, Mayor of Port Hope, about the municipality’s support of arts and culture and the abundance of artists, events and arts organizations in Port Hope, including Cameco Capitol Arts Centre, Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny, Critical Mass and La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra.

In this series we feature interviews and discussions with Individual Artists, Leaders of Arts Groups and Organizations, Civic Leaders, and other Arts Lovers in our county.

Northumberland Festival of the Arts will take place across Northumberland County from September 16 – October 2, 2022.

Donna Wootton interviews Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson

“We’re extremely active. We have talent from far and wide…There’s no shortage in choosing arts and culture events to go to.”–Mayor Bob Sanderson

Port Hope Town Hall, Photo by Elizabeth Hammond

“Arts and culture and heritage are huge economic drivers.”–Mayor Bob Sanderson

Capitol Theatre and Dreamers Cafe, Photo by Elizabeth Hammond

“Our role, certainly, as Council, is a lead role, but also a supporting role.”–Mayor Bob Sanderson

Farley Mowat’s Boat House, Photo by Elizabeth Hammond

“We support arts and culture, and we do it strongly.”–Mayor Bob Sanderson

Port Hope architecture, Photo by Elizabeth Hammond

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  1. ronaldmackay says:

    Thank you Mayor Bob Sanderson and Donna Wootton. An interview that illustrates how committed to the arts Port Hope is, through the development of social capital in the region.

  2. Linda McClelland says:

    I am loving the schoolbus yellow 8 ft. fluorescent lights hanging vertically from trees in the woods beside Jacob’s ladder and the little ladder…town of Port Hope or Critical Mass?

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