Northumberland Art Lovers: Mayor John Henderson

In this series we feature interviews and discussions with Individual Artists, Leaders of Arts Groups and Organizations, Civic Leaders, and other Arts Lovers in our county.

Today Shane Joseph interviews the Mayor of the Town of Cobourg, John Henderson.

Shane and the Mayor discuss subjects ranging from the sculpture of wireless operator, Fern Blodgett Sunde, to Ontario Jaguar Owners’ upcoming visit, to showcasing the arts in Cobourg and Northumberland County.

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  1. Diane Taylor says:

    Very interesting. Is the Century Garden the same as the Ecology Garden? I’d like to see that sculpture.

    1. kimaubrey says:

      Diane, the sculpture is in a garden above the east end of the East Beach in Cobourg. And it is gorgeous.

    2. kimaubrey says:

      not the same as the Ecology Garden.

  2. kimaubrey says:

    Good interview, Shane!

  3. ronaldmackay says:

    What a fine job Shane did interviewing Mayor John Henderson! And what an articulate, supportive and enthusiastic Mayor! Cobourg is indeed fortunate!

  4. dmwootton says:

    Good words from the Mayor of Cobourg for all of Northumberland. I think it’s the sensory garden.

  5. lynnchristene says:

    Thank you both for an informative and enjoyable interview! Diane, in answer to your question, the beautiful Fern Blodgett Sunde statue is on the east side of Victoria Park, alongside the beach.

  6. Jessica says:

    I feel so blessed to live in a town that values the arts. Thanks for another great interview!

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