Northumberland Art Lovers: Tammy Robinson

“I really hope and foresee that the arts can help Northumberland’s economy recover post pandemic. They provide direct economic growth…I think you will see Northumberland County flourish once again.”–Tammy Robinson

In this series we feature interviews and discussions with Individual Artists, Leaders of Arts Groups and Organizations, Civic Leaders, and other Arts Lovers in our county.

Today, Tammy Robinson, CEO of Cobourg Public Library, talks with Shane Joseph about the library’s support for the visual and performing arts, the “human library,” and how the arts can help the local economy recover after the pandemic.

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  1. Diane Taylor says:

    Great interview. Certainly, I’ve felt the Cobourg Library has been supportive of all the arts, and accommodating to many kinds of workshops that offer literacy in visual arts as well as the written word (which, to me, is also a visual art). “The people will come,” says Tammy Robinson. Thank you!

  2. Jessica says:

    What a fabulous library we have! These interviews are a joy to watch and a testament to our vibrant culture of arts and literature!

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