Volunteers Needed for Poetry on Parade by Wally Keeler

On Saturday, September 17, 2-4pm, Northumberland Festival of the Arts is presenting a poetry reading, Words on a Wire. The event, held inside the grand Concert Hall of Victoria Hall, will be filled with Poets Laureate and the eloquence of Northumberland.

Outside Victoria Hall will stand the Picnic Table Anthology, covered in poems from over 20 poets. The Peoples Republic of Poetry (Wally Keeler) is producing this event to follow the poetry readings at 4:30pm. The Picnic Table Anthology will be paraded down the main street for two blocks, where the table will be delivered to Let’s Talk Books bookstore. The parade will be led by two mobility scooter outriders, two convertibles with the Parliamentary Poet Laureate and three other Poets Laureate, a flatbed truck carrying the picnic table and Marie-Lynn Hammond’s musical wit. And millions of poetry lovers will follow behind with placards.

To make it happen I need volunteers. Below is a table of asks. I can be reached at poetician1@gmail.com, or msg txt 365-724-8880.    

  1. Two convertibles and drivers for the Poets Laureate.
  2. One flatbed truck or flatbed trailer to transport the Picnic Table Anthology.
  3. Design a colourful banner declaring POETRY ON PARADE. The Peoples Republic of Poetry will cover the costs of materials.
  4. Two individuals to carry the banner in the lead for the procession.
  5. Four individuals to lift the Picnic Table Anthology onto the flatbed at Vic Hall and to unload it at Let’s Talk Books.
  6. One individual to attach (gaffer tape) two tripods with video cams to the flatbed truck to record front and back
  7. I will have a good selection of placards but feel free to make up your own
  8. Video record or photo record everything and send to me for assemble editing.

All good things

Wally Keeler

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