“We pitched a series of 12 programs”…


… that was 8 years ago, and Word on the Hills is still finding new, local writing talent to interview. Now the interviewers get interviewed! Ronald Mackay presents his chat with the creators of the Northumberland 89.7 FM show, Word on the Hills – Felicity Sidnell-Reid, Gwynn Scheltema and Chris Cameron. The three of them ‘learned’ radio as they progressed, and have created a vibrant connection for the Northumberland and area writing community, that has become one of the foundations of the Northumberland Festival of the Arts.

Northumberland Festival of the Arts will take place across Northumberland County from September 16 – October 2, 2022.

Northumberland Festival of the Arts is a volunteer-run not-for-profit arts organization.

To volunteer for NFOTA, please contact info@festivalofthearts.ca

To help support our events, please send your donation by Interac to fundraising@festivalofthearts.ca

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  1. I’m loving this. Thank you, Ron, Felicity, Gwynn and Chris.

  2. dmwauthor says:

    Well done, Ron. Thank you for presenting the faces behind the voices.

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