Welcome Back DiversiPro!

“It’s through the arts that we learn the stories of people and communities.”

Hamlin Grange
Hamlin Grange

NFOTA is delighted that DiversiPro Inc. has returned as a sponsor of the Festival of the Arts. We’re grateful for DiversiPro’s financial support and assistance with our website and support for designing our logos.

CEO and Founder Hamlin Grange says his company strongly believes that the arts should be celebrated and supported.

“It’s through the arts that we learn the stories of people and communities,” he says.

He noted the growth of the festival and how proud his company is to support it.

“I hope it will be even more exciting this year, and I expect to see more artists and a greater diversity in genres and artists. I’m hoping people will come out and support this festival that is right in their own backyard.  You don’t have to go to the big city to be exposed to excellent artists, whether their art is visual, literary, performance, or other. They are right here.”

Hamlin Grange

DiversiPro is based in Toronto, but Hamlin is no stranger to Northumberland. His family owned a farm in Warkworth and a historic property in Baltimore, just north of Cobourg. Today, when his adult children think of “the country”, they think of the farms and hills of Northumberland; when they think of “the beach,” Cobourg comes to mind.

He says he feels the same way. Northumberland is part of him as well.

DiversiPro has been in existence for twenty years. Hamlin says its mission is to help organizations be more relevant, reflective and responsive to the communities and markets they serve. His company has worked with a wide variety of sectors and organizations, from the Stratford Festival to national broadcasters, government agencies, the financial and legal sectors, social services, law enforcement and post-secondary institutions. 

“Canada’s demographics are going through a shift due to an aging population, immigration, and many other factors, and organizations need to become more adept at engaging with these changes.

“Whether it’s community engagement, marketing, leadership development or training of managers and frontline staff, DiversiPro helps organizations to develop more inclusive and knowledgeable practices and workplaces for the benefit of everyone.”

Thank you, Hamlin Grange and DiversiPro!

Sponsor – DiversiPro – The Diversity Professionals

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  1. With much gratitude 🙏 thank you for your ongoing support of bringing our stories to life through the arts 🎭 👊👊🔔🔔🙌🙌❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

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