Announcing the Release of Our Pandemic Times e-book


This book began as a blog for a group of Northumberland writers in Ontario; a place where they could share their work and stay connected. Writing and reading these stories and poems helped to get us through. Our Pandemic Times provides a record of what we did, what we wrote, what we felt and how we rose to the challenges of this uncertain year.

The e-book will be released June 15. Pre-order your Kindle edition here.

Pre-order your Kobo edition here.

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  1. Tracy Shillington says:

    Thank you! I just pre-ordered a copy! How do I order further copies for friends?

    1. kimaubrey says:

      That’s wonderful, Tracy! Thank you. A print edition will be released this summer and will make a lovely gift for friends.

  2. Diane Taylor says:

    Mine is on order.

  3. Amazing blog 😀😀🙂

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