Meet the Faces behind NFOTA: David Newland

David in Performance, Photo by Laurie Zabolotny

I’m a writer, musician and broadcaster based in Cobourg, Ontario. I have had a varied career in media, the arts, and the travel industry. I moved to Northumberland, where my wife grew up, in 2012. We are home schoolers, backyard gardeners, rainwater harvesters and potluck supper lovers.

Why do you believe in the Northumberland Festival of the Arts?

I believe this community is rich in creative talent, and deserves to be better known as the hotbed for the arts that it truly is. A festival will anchor the arts scene here and bring the community closer together around the issues and ideas that excite and engage us.

Any passions and talents you’d like to share?

I’m good at connecting people; at seeing things from unusual perspectives; and at inspiring people to act creatively and collaboratively around a vision. I’m also good at creating and holding space, particularly through my work as a stage host and performer.

What are your roots or groups – connections in the community?

I have long connections in the community by way of my wife’s family, but my first real ongoing engagement here was as a member of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival crowd. I performed, hosted and variously contributed to SVFF, including a term on the Board. I’ve also been involved in Walk the Line and other Green Wood Coalition events and am currently a morning radio host on Northumberland 89.7.

What does “art” mean to you?

For me art is the profoundly human act of expressing one’s place in the world creatively. I believe creative self expression is both a calling, and an activity as natural as breathing.

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  1. dmwauthor says:

    I have attended some of David’s concerts and the most memorable for me was at Victoria Hall when he invited Inuit throat singers and sang songs about the Arctic. He has worked as a guide for Adventure Canada.

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