April is Poetry Month by Mia Burrus

Katie Hoogendam signing books at Let’s Talk Books in Cobourg

Festival Readers: April is Poetry Month! 

It started with Katie Hoogendam’s launch of her new collection, Spring Thaw, as part of Let’s Talk Books’ spring series, which continues Sunday, April 10, 2 PM, with Stuart Ross and Bruce Whiteman.


Katie says it best herself:

I’ve described the area behind Let’s Talk Books in Cobourg as a true “bohemian salon” where folks can gather to hear and discuss poetry and art, and the launch of Spring Thaw, my most recent poetry collection, was no exception.

Jennifer, the owner of Let’s Talk is generous and kind in opening up her space in support of local artists and writers. The launch crowd was eager and humming with energy—a true delight! The incomparable musical duo of Saskia Tomkins and Shannon Linton conjured a kind of rich emotional tone that only they, mind-bending musicians that they are, can create, and I am deeply thankful for their accompaniment.

After so long in isolation, it was a glorious feeling to be out and about, reading from my heart and enjoying the company of Northumberland County’s uniquely inclusive & celebratory creative community. I feel very fortunate to be among so many people who think sparing an hour or two on a Sunday to listen to music and poetry a worthwhile exercise. This kind of gig, these warm arts-supporters—are my jam!

Katie Hoogendam

Every month is Poetry Month.  Every day is an Arts Festival. 

More poetry events this April:

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