Einstein’s Fridge: a one-act play by Ronald Mackay

As we confirm the program for NFOTA’s upcoming festival, to be announced soon, we look back on previous festivals.

Here is Ronald Mackay’s one-act play, Einstein’s Fridge, from Festival of the Arts 2019.

This video was filmed by Wally Keeler.

About Ron:

A career in international development has persuaded Ronald that cultures have always borrowed and continue to borrow from one another. Without self-serving and often asymmetric learning from others, no culture flourishes. Ronald has worked with peoples from the Arctic to the Southern Cone and in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. His published memoirs include Fortunate Isle about Tenerife and The Kilt Behind the Curtain about Romania in the late ‘60s. His insights into his own humanizing influences and those of others in https://www.fd81.net/ appear in the several anthologies published separately by Robert Fear and Alyson Sheldrake.

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  1. This play was lots of fun and a different glimpse of Einstein.

  2. An intriguing concept and an enjoyable play.

  3. dmwauthor says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the play and look forward to the upcoming readings in the fall.

  4. ronaldmackay says:

    It was the first of my plays to which I was invited by the director to attend rehearsals (held at The Theatre on King, TTOK, in Peterborough, On). It’s not customary for playwrights to attend rehearsals, as control now passes from the playwright to the director and also to the actors to the extent the director permits. I sat quietly through all six rehearsals, watched, listened, and learned an enormous amount. It was, for me, a most valuable exercise.

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