Spread the Word by What Fun!

In the spirit of collaboration and celebration, Northumberland musicians Lynn C. Bilton, Christopher Cameron and Marie-Lynn Hammond got together to record Lynn’s new song, Spread the Word.

The trio had so much fun creating this music video at Northumberland Music Studio in Warkworth that they decided to name their group What Fun!

You’re invited to sing along, join the fun and spread the word about Northumberland Festival of the Arts.

What Fun! Lynn C. Bilton, Christopher Cameron, and Marie-Lynn Hammond

Please join us in spreading the word about Northumberland Festival of the Arts, taking place September 16 – October 2, 2022, in venues across Northumberland County.

Volunteer, Collaborate, Sponsor, Donate, Attend!


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  1. ronaldmackay says:

    Well done, Lynn C. Bilton, Christopher Cameron and Marie-Lynn Hammond !

  2. felicity936 says:

    Love this video! What fun, indeed.

  3. Diane Taylor says:

    Christopher, Lynn and Marie-Lynn – your song was fabulous fun!
    And who wouldn’t want to expand their hearts
    by being part of Northumberland Festival of the Arts!

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